i am the best rock climber (living in my apartment)

1 03 2008

the kid on red house (v7)

since coming to tucson i have become a legend (in my apartment). after beginning my send-a-thon in ye olde pueblo with a pair (seven?) of hangovers, i have decimated the local boulders. if you don’t believe me, ask anyone (in my apartment). but enough about me. what about the other legends of the garage? are they as awesome as me?

in a recent trip to little rock city the reverend brought his holinessness to the boulders and put down Spanky (v8) and added a repeat of Dragon Ballz (v9), while patrick sent The Wave (v6) and put a garage-trained-hooze-your-fatha-onsight on Latin For Daggers (v5). also occuring in a non-garaged little rock city setting, both the reverend and the architect crushed Cleopatra (v8).

no animals were harmed in the leet skill usage of these wondrous feats of rock crushing strength and victorious over-powering of nature’s puny rock puzzles.

-tissue tendons



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