tissue tendons sprays outside of 8a

2 03 2008

posing on A-Frame Crimps (v7/8)

dynamic picture of A-Frame Crimps (v7/8)

/a rundown of tissue tendon’s super-leet garage skillz brought to bear on a desert that is not enclosed:

jan 11-17: hungover… find that the sun is very bright in the desert. relatedly, find that beer and no sleep make bouldering solo on a dead pad scary. also find that energy drinks help nil. vomit.

jan 18th: send mega-classic One Move Wonder (v7). find myself perplexed this gem was barely mentioned in the guidebook despite being totally awesome. also find that it epitomizes tissue tendon’s rock climbing savvy. 2 moves is 1 move too many.

jan 19th: send super-fun but wildly soft Arete (v6) at Silverbell. tell everyone that it would be a v1 in the south, thus inflating every problem sent since 2002. begin to notice that tucson boulderers in the 1980’s named boulder problems like 5 year olds name cats: kitty, fluffy. cat, etc..

jan 22nd: destroy everything in tucson. send Rails (v6), Silly Roof Problem ( v6/7), Prow Right (v6/7), and West Coast Avenger (v5). call Five Ten and tell them i’m ready to come on board. spend the rest of the night entering things into 8a and staring lovingly at my 5-year performance graph.


feb 9th: go sport climbing @ milagrossa canyon. find that sportclimbing isn’t scary. find that people think i’m a sport climber because i live in kentucky. begin to wonder why i’m NOT a sportclimber living in kentucky. flash 11’s. decide i’m going to sport climb alot.

feb 13th: go bouldering at silverbell. send A-Frame Crimps (v7/8?) after alot of failing to send A-Frame Crimps. forget about sport climbing again.

feb 17th: watch someone hike my project (Pocket Stuffer (v6/7) at silverbell. figure out that my beta sucked. send after a day full of goes.

feb 20-29th: almost die of influenza.

mar 2nd: repeat everything at Silverbell in one day. decide i’m totally awesome… again. sit around and recap my awesomeness on this blog.



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