i did not win the 2008 Mammut Gravity Brawl

4 04 2008


in what might come as shocking news to my friends and colleagues, i once again failed to win a professional indoor climbing competition. one might attribute my loss to the fact that i didn’t attend, but i find myself hesitant to jump to any – shall we say – hasty conclusions.

i mean, did I want it bad enough? well that’s tough. i did want it a little. but it simply wasn’t enough to register, travel, warmup, give boz a high five, or climb.

did I try my hardest? no. and i think this, my friends, is the primary cause of my tragic failure. i didn’t even try….to try. even before i had a chance to fail, i pre-failed. it’s like trying to go to the bar to read, but with indoor rock climbing.

the closest i got to winning this comp was knowing how to get to new jersey.

-tissue tendons




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30 07 2008

owned !!

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