bouldering season is over…baby

27 05 2008

tissue hucking a lap on Big Money Long (7A) in the sandy spring boulder field of Morehead, Kentucky

*note the hyper-green-boulder-wrecking forest in the background.  while i was able to send the semi-classic Big Money Long (7A) (with the help of an obnoxiously long tick mark), i was forced to do so on sandy crimps and mud-filled pockets.  lame.  lame.  lame.






<please ignore this post if you live in colorado or utah..  i hate you and your boulderings>

after months of semi-perfect fall-a-liciousness and a few weeks of decent spring weather, summertime hath finally landed.  yes, that’s right kids, the annual swarm of bugs and swampthang heat we call a season has arrived in the south.  now our otherwise high-friction sandstone and gneiss is temporarily shrouded in an impenetrable jungle of awfulness.  months of training and stoke-building are now beholden solely to the horrors of plastic crimps and dual colored tape.

guess i’ll start sport climbing again.  jug hauls and bugspray.  

at least PBR tastes the same.  





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28 05 2008
hating colorado is not cool « It Came from the Garage

[…] the previous post it seems i put forth some hatred towards colorado. this was not cool. hating colorado is not […]

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