hating colorado is not cool

28 05 2008

we here at ICFTG rarely print retractions. this is largily because our editorial staff is flawles; we call it ‘fleditorialismlessness’.

but, on occasion, even the most fleditorialismless of editors finds themselves being – what’s the word? – incorrect.

in the previous post it seems i put forth some hatred towards colorado. this was not cool.

hating colorado is not cool.






2 responses

5 06 2008
the bpc

note: hating colorado IS cool, if you’re FROM colorado. specifically, hating boulder from anywhere outside boulder is cool, as is hating anywhere outside boulder if you are from boulder. this also works with most resort towns, fyi.

jump aboard the hate wagon, son.

6 06 2008

hate wagon.

somebody just got a new idea for a back tattoo.

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