the inescapable fury of the strong kids

2 07 2008

having recently made my departure from that home base that is lexington, ky to the dark-energied city of louisville, i find myself climbing at a gym that is not my own– in that i didn’t design it, sweat over it, fret over the facets and pour my soul into it.  and it kind of sucks.

never in my life have i thought i was so freakin weak.  in fact, i thought i was kind of strong.  i just dropped like 15 pounds since my tenure as a student and am back to the ideal weight i had trouble even maintaining in high school.  now granted, some of that is the stout climbing muscle that i use to burl my way over problems like a tank over a half dilapidated building, but still-  i should, theoretically, be climbing pretty damn strong.  so why is everyone at the gym stronger than me?  and not just stronger than me, obviously better than me; as in better form.  i have never met so many damn people who can hand-foot match up by their chest and somehow float from hold to hold like dave graham!  where are all my sharma-esque peeps popping and catching like real men?

i suppose i should be happy.  better climbers help motivate me, and in the southeast finding a large population in one place that can warm up on V7 can be difficult.  but i never thought i would climb with so many damn people who can do V8/9 moves so freakin easily.

and i can’t even use the ‘but i’m short’ excuse!  which is to say many, many of the problems have obviously been set by people with fairly substantial wingspans- considerably larger than mine.  but the one person who is quite a bit shorter than me also happens to crush said problems.  i digress.

what motivation!  suddenly i have regained that desire!  that motivation and drive to train hard- hell, to try hard and become a better climber!  the bar has been raised, period.

there is a key point here that we cannot overlook: in a setting where you rule the roost in a monarchy, oligarchy or any other archy, complacency comes like a comfortable cloak warming your heart, whispering you are the greatest- when in fact, you are one hold away from being bitch slapped by a 14 year old warming up on your project.  so quit setting to your strengths awhile climbing in your home gym like a reclusive bobby fisher who isn’t actually good at chess.  go out and fail, and fail hard- like me.  because it makes you a better climber and less of a conceited arse.

for the first time in years, i may actually break out the old weight vest and hulkify my person.  that is- assuming i can finally finish enough of the set problems at the gym to create a circuit to climb with the hulkifying vest.  nothing says idiot like a guy who can’t even climb the jug hauls, yet is climbing with 20 punds strapped to his chest.

-the architect




One response

3 07 2008

they’re not only younger than you, they’re taller than you as well (by looking at the picture!).
oh, and you should never have left lexington. right after you left, us ‘locals’ decided to start warming up on 8/9 moves. you’re missing out; it’s kinda fun.

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