19 07 2008

first of all, a wombination (or portmanteau) is a word-combination.  you take two words (typically an adjective and a noun), combine them, and let the cavalcade of awesomeness begin.  

wombinations – like most things associated with the cavalcade of awesomeness – are best served with virtual buddies.

to that end, this post is sorta sing-a-long-ish.  we’ve included some wombinations that we came up with this morning over coffee.  now it’s your turn.  grab yourself a cup of pipin’ hot joe and turn your brain to combination mode – that is, mombinate with that sucker.  

my mombinated wombinations are after the jump.  

  flail + failure = flailure: when you not only fail to send, but do so in a way that suggests you should give me your gear.

dab + flashed = dashed: you said you flashed, but, like, we all know you dabbed.

spray + stud(ette) = spud(ette): a person who – thinking they’re a mega stud(ette) – cannot stop reminding the world about it.  

climber + douchebag = crouchebag: this person can’t get past the ‘leave’ in the leave no trace.  commonly responsible for area closures and/or terse signage from land managers.

hold + greaser + fondler = grondler: like a grease gun built on optimism, the grondler’s sins against humanity involve feeling up holds on your project; pantomiming moves they can’t do – from the ground sans chalk.  they say things like “sick” and turn to us and nod as if we had been waiting for their slimy approbation.  we’re pretty sure they’re trying to sabotage us and our 8a sidebar bid.  f**k grondlers.

your turn.  








5 responses

21 07 2008

fag + blogger = flogger

21 07 2008

climbing wombinations, not neo-nazi post-interweb math team t-shirt ideas.

and, just so everyone knows, bloggers are people too.

3 08 2008

Actually, they already have a term for word combinations: portmanteau


4 08 2008

thanks. “they” sure do.

24 11 2008
the politics of grading: brangelina grocery conundrum « It Came from the Garage

[…] together or will ultimate evil triumph (again)?  are brad and jennifer doomed because their names wombinate poorly?  (beniffer?  no […]

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