why we’ve never done a 5k…

27 08 2008

…is so clear now.  because it is never a good idea to pay $20 to wake up at 6 am on a saturday AND drive thirty minutes so that we may be allowed to run (for 26.03 minutes).  but, as we all know, sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a terrible idea; running through it.

in the wild world of word association, the term ‘running’ has a axiomatic link to the term “quitting”.  this is because running is NEVER FUN. i hear the best you can hope for is the so-called “runners high”, which supposedly helps you cope with your throbbing ankles and lactic acid saturated ribcage.  i’ve ran for over 45 minutes and if misery is a ‘high’, then i was totally wasted.

anywho, i think i’ll stick to drugs.  that way i only have to run if the fuzz show up. Read the rest of this entry »

crag talky talky

15 08 2008

exterior.  woods.  day.  two rockclimbers waxing all metaphysical-like:

“dude, he leads 11 trad.”

“unh uh”



“i know.  right?  burly”.

 this snippet of conversational gold was but an excerpt of a much longer dialogue between two chaps speaking loudly in the red river gorge. surprisingly they went on to discuss several other amazing things while they sussed out the beta for their “FA” of a climb put up in the mid 90’s: having fun at Miguel’s despite NOT being drunk, how strong they are going to be in the fall, and how easy the route they were flailing on would be if they were both fresh (a point they continued to hammer home).   Read the rest of this entry »

pre-managing objections

9 08 2008

we’re about to post a rather lengthy expose regarding popular quanto-devil site 8a.  in said post we try to outline how the site has become culturally relevant, why this is a bad thing, and how we can try to stop it.  it’s basically like the first Omen film except we’re much better looking than an aging gregory peck; that and we aren’t gonna stab a kid at the end of the post.  i know, i know.  it crushes the suspense, but what can we say?  we just aren’t killers.   

while trying to weave together a tight argument about the various dilemmas associated with 8a, it struck us that we might actually get some objections.  that is, some graph-happy 8a defenders might rally round their pixelated scorecard fetish and – as stephen colbert might say – “nail us”.  so, instead of getting nailed, we have chosen to go ahead and dismiss all objections before we make the argument.  

we call it “winning”.  and we do some of it – albeit briefly – after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »