pre-managing objections

9 08 2008

we’re about to post a rather lengthy expose regarding popular quanto-devil site 8a.  in said post we try to outline how the site has become culturally relevant, why this is a bad thing, and how we can try to stop it.  it’s basically like the first Omen film except we’re much better looking than an aging gregory peck; that and we aren’t gonna stab a kid at the end of the post.  i know, i know.  it crushes the suspense, but what can we say?  we just aren’t killers.   

while trying to weave together a tight argument about the various dilemmas associated with 8a, it struck us that we might actually get some objections.  that is, some graph-happy 8a defenders might rally round their pixelated scorecard fetish and – as stephen colbert might say – “nail us”.  so, instead of getting nailed, we have chosen to go ahead and dismiss all objections before we make the argument.  

we call it “winning”.  and we do some of it – albeit briefly – after the jump.

q) “dude, why you gotta hate?”  

a) hating is what makes the blogosphere go round.  not only that, but our hatred of some things allows other things to be adored; loved, even.  in other words, we shine the light of goodness, yo. 

q) “you’re just mad because you are weak”

a) sniffle.  nu uh.  you are.

q) “if it sucks so bad, why don’t you just ignore it?”

a) if the good people ignore cultural events/ephemera that “suck so bad” then the “suck” will win.  the production of rockclimbing culture (like culture more generally) is a war and this site digs trenches.  trenches, i say.

q) “if it’s so bad why do you keep a scorecard?”

a) um.  we like math?

stay tuned for the expose!  

it features polysyllabic words, interweb slander, and a block quote from a master’s thesis!  






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9 08 2008

so bold. so humble.

26 03 2009
the one year anniversary post « It Came from the Garage

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