fall is coming

8 09 2008

despite coming off a full weekend of hangover-producing graduate school shenanigans, it has been brought to my attention (by nature no less) that fall is coming.  and with fall?:  


in fact, i’m heading to military in 15 minutes.  gonna get my ’12 wall’ trifecta on.

booyah.  (it’s how the kids say “see, i am doing this”)






3 responses

8 09 2008

so, is it nature telling you that a ‘fall’ is coming (i.e. while you are so pumped out of your mind whilst climbing at the ’12 wall), or was it that the season of autumn is coming, which generates temps often conducive to good rockclimbings? i am confused. . .

thanks in advance for the clearings-up.

i hope it’s the latter, for your sake -and mine, for that matter.

8 09 2008

the former. the fall(s) came… repeatedly. i total failed today. not fall yet. oops.

17 09 2008
the bpc

my new mantra, busted out in a classic hip hop steez: FALL muthatruka, FALL muthatrucka, FALL [x10]

it’s difficult to give up the ghost on the alpine zones [which are PERFECT right now], but with so many dozens upon dozens of other areas/projects coming into the gnarzone, we must all make sacrifices.

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