why can’t fall not mean “bolderin’ time”

15 09 2008

so much training happened in my garage this summer.  4×4’s, 65 move 3 rest ‘routes’, and enough running to make up for the 1.3 million cigarettes i’ve smoked in the last decade.  all of this ‘work’ – keep in mind – was meant to get ready for fall so i could be fit enough to tick off 13a (both enduro style and power style).  goals, goals, goals.  yet here we are – right on the cusp of fall – and all i can think about is gettin’ my bolderin’ on.  i have a few theories as to why this happens EVERY YEAR.

1) i have like 1 friend stoked on sport climbing.

2) the person i climb with the most doesn’t know how to belay.

3) bouldering doesn’t require a belayer.

4) i don’t have to stop and clip on boulder problems.

5) i still don’t have great endurance.

6) bolderin’ is totally awesome.

7) horsepens isn’t a sport crag.

tissue “goin’ sporto this weekend?” tendons




2 responses

19 09 2008

sure, there are different disciplines within this lifestyle. but it’s all about climbing…
and it’s what the fall was made for.

can i get an amen?

22 09 2008

Amen brother. But are there really different lifestyles that don’t include climbing? I don’t believe you!

Enjoy the fall as it lasts, as it is spring on my side of the world and the boulders just keep getting slipperier.

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