a tip (or two) for total rock success

16 10 2008

so basically this post stems from two things: 1) lists are easy to write and 2) i’m avoiding writing my dissertation.

i want to clarify what total rock success is all about.  it’s not just about the numbers.  it’s not just about the money.  it’s about sending hard AND getting paid; that’s what i’m talkin’ bout.  wut.  wut.

no, but really, total rock success is about feeling good and feeling like you can send everything – every go.  this ‘list’ o’ tips represents a thing or two i figured out last year, forgot for 11 months, then figured out again last week.  and it’s after the jump.

don’t climb with a hangover: simple enough?  not really.  see, many rock enthusiasts like to hit up the pebbles or clip bolts on saturday.  and since friday is the designated blasto day for the working crowd (or the student happy hour scenester) very often we find ourselves carrying a pad – drunk through the woods – on saturday morning.

just don’t do it.

1) you can’t climb hard (unless you’re 16-23 in which case you don’t count).

2) you’re more susceptible to season-nullifying injury (which leads to way more hangovers).

3) and since you most definitely should not be offering your services on the gri-gri you are kinda a labor drag at the crag.

i know – it’s hard not to chug down a few beers when you pull into horsepens/miguel’s/roger’s after a long slog in the car.  and i also know its hard not to have just a few more after the intitial few.  and it’s this spiral that leads to the hangover.  i know from experience.  there i was at horsepens planning out my second-day send-a-thon when all of a sudden i’m planted firmly next to a keg of sweetwater 420.  five hours and god-knows-how-many-beers later i almost let some random dude from chicago drive my car down the hp40 hill to hurl it off a winding alabama road buy more beer.  needless to say, i didn’t climb very well the next day.

if you want to climb hard (and aren’t an exuberant youth) then do it without a hangover.

the following are also helpful:

a) lotsa sleep: hard to climb well when you yawn through a crux move.  also – no amount of redbull is gonna fix lack of sleep – no amount i say.

3) poo in advance: pooing at the crag (in a bag) just makes me feel terrible.  poo in advance if you want to have a chance (to send).

4) stay hydrated: duh.

5) plan on total devastation: i like to hum the ‘you’re the best’ song from Karate Kid I.  it helps me convince my self that i’m…um….the best.





One response

17 10 2008

i actually like to take a different approach:
1. get a good couple of warm-ups in
2. get in a close-to-project-level send (most likely a repeat ascent)
3. poo. (thus dropping a couple pounds; making you feel lighter for the crucial “proj”-burn
4. send.

works like a charm!

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