sponsor this, sucka!

16 10 2008

dave macleod’s article on how to get sponsored got me thinking – not surprisingly – about getting sponsored.  i mean, what do i bring to the table? how can i be an asset? what is an asset? can i make a niche? what is a niche?

but rather than sort out the terms of my forthcoming sponsorship i made a list of my sponsorable qualities.  behold them after the jump:

1) i can wear t-shirts and patches: this might seem like a no-brainer; because it is.  i wear clothes, brands have clothes with logos, ipso facto ergo ergo proptor hoc: i can wear logo-laden clothes.  and i can wear them in highly visible rockclimbing zones.  you tell me where to go and i’ll stand there… and talk about rockclimbings.

2) i have a blog with a malleable name: it’s true.  it came from the garage could easily be (re)worked to:

  • it came from the totally awesome lineup of five ten shoes
  • it came from the garage, but only because it used stealth rubber
  • it came from the top and landed safely and stylishly on an organic pad
  • it came from the store wearing gobs of nature-matching prana verve stuff.
  • it came from the cozy security of a bluewater rope
  • petzl: the blog

3) if you look at my 8a.nu ‘growth’ chart, the curve suggests i should be sending 8C in just under a decade.  that means you can get me at my current 7B rate now and reap the whirlwind in 2017.

4) i could kinda be a big deal.

5) i understand people.  real people.  i’m not some big-timey rock-crushing machine.  that’s not to say that people look at me and see mediocre rockclimbing skills.  no, they look at me and see not-amazing rockclimb skills.  people relate to that.  non-mediocre but certainly not-amazingness NEEDS an archetype and i am that thing that might be is archetypal.   totally.

in conclusion, blah blah blah, blah, sponsor me.





6 responses

17 10 2008
peter b

Brilliant post. I will comment on MacLeod’s shall we say idealistic/unlikely vision of how to get sponsored on my blog soon. BTW you are either archetypal or you’re not–time to decide!

17 10 2008

thanks. fixed.

17 10 2008
Taylor Roy

Nice blog. Good writing, and seriously entertaining.

18 10 2008

thanks. please have my Webby delivered to:

4101 Tates Creek Center Drive Box 191
Lexington, KY 40517

18 10 2008

Fitness + Sponsorshipness = Hotness

30 10 2008

funny. i thought fitness + sponsorship = fitnorship

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