f%#k it: time off, injuries, and perfect weather

26 10 2008

as none of you know, i recently had to take some time off from climbing to fix some crazy tendonitis in my right arm.  it appears the right arm lock-off reach around move on the corner problem (7C) made my shoulder/elbow/bicep angry – angry enough to take a week off in the midst of epic climbing conditions here in the bluegrass state.  in fact, the micro-trauma was so bad i had decided to take another 5 days off…. until right now.

it’s 60, sunny, dry, and i have a huge bottle of ibuprofen.

here’s to obsession and compulsion.

buy bye,





3 responses

28 10 2008
peter b

To add to your recovery time, surf climbing sites and read about everyone crushing hard problems left and right and then go out and “test” that elbow, just a little…

30 10 2008

but the “test” always involves the “project”. how else will i know if i’m good to go?

30 10 2008

lol. i graded my example. terrible style. minus 2 points.

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