notes from the south

6 11 2008

mpw-15155a few days of climbing in the ‘deep’ south makes for a good list o’ observations:

  • there are a lot of large crosses (you know the roman torture device/religious symbol) along i-75.  are there cross contractors out there vying for work or are these things built by parishioners?  i’m just curious.  plus, ‘cross construction’ seems like a viable way to make up for my decided lack of piety.
  • there are 13 pawn shops on a 12 mile stretch of i-27 linking chattanooga and lafayette.  so, if smoking crack has got you down and you feel like you’re running out of choices…
  • rocktown is the perfect place to make all the hacker/slasher flicks you watched over halloween into seriously palpable paranoia.
  • rocktown is not a good place for the weakly ego’d.  if you plan to hit the road and send big numbers – DO NOT GOTO ROCKTOWN.  if – on the other hand – you plan to climb sick problems in one of the coolest sandstone boulderfields in the world – rocktown is the spot.
  • always take two pads: the walk back is too far and you’ll definitely need/want the extra protection.

-tissue ‘still gots tendonitis in my shoulder’ tendons




One response

6 11 2008

if ga, tn, and bama are considered the ‘deep’ south, then where is the regular south? omg! do i live in it?

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