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25 11 2008

skynet_bbcnewsaside from the rockclimbings, i am really only a fan of three things: 1) ridiculousness 2) uncertainty and 3) speculating on various apocalypti (the pluralization of apocalypse).  this not only affords me an ideological escape from the ‘really real’ problems haunting modernity, but also gives me a preposterous head-start in planning my “anexact yet rigorous” escape from the clutches of whatever doomsday scenario decides to come our way.  of course, my improbable plans always oscillate around the question of “which”.  that is, ‘which’ impossible calamity will sound the last bell for humanity and send me running headlong into the once populated ruins of ‘merika?

today – november 25th, 2008 – the bell hath been rung.  what was once a tossup between zombie apocalypse (the material return of our sins) and robot revolution (patricide of the AI father) is now crystal clear.  tis the latter;  robots will be killing us all shortly.

i mean, seriously, if “ethical autonomous systems” isn’t a euphemism for “kiss your ass goodbye human dogs” then i don’t know what is.  fortunately, this is all clarified in the formula portion of the attached .pdf:

P-lethal is the set of all overt lethal responses ρlethal-ij. A subset Pl-ethical of P-lethal can be
considered the set of ethical lethal behaviors if for all discernible S, any r-lethal-ij produced by
βlethal-i satisfies a given set of specific ethical constraints C, where C consists of a set of
individual constraints ck that are derived from and span the LOW and ROE over the space of all
possible discernible situations (S) potentially encountered by the autonomous agent. If the agentencounters any situation outside of those covered by C, it cannot be permitted to issue a lethalresponse – a form of Closed World Assumption preventing the usage of lethal force in situationswhich are not governed by (or are outside of) the ethical constraints.

how can this be?  in a world where allen greenspan “found a flaw … in the model that [he] perceived is the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works” AND an autonomous defense machine called Skynet has already destroyed a fictional earth, it seems we could go ahead and scrap the whole ethical combatant AI robot plan.  but alas, we continue our march towards destruction at the hands of our metallic children.  so sad.

for more reading:
oh noes.

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4 responses

25 11 2008

Pretty much what i was thinking except still lost on the greenspan thing…

26 11 2008

greenspan’s failure highlights the difficulty humans have had with quantifying complex systems such that even the simple algorithms of an autonomous lethality machine might prove ‘problematic’.

6 01 2009

Sadly, I’ve known that robots would be our downfall for several months and have done nothing about it.

Watch and weep:

6 01 2009

as long as this is all we’re up against i’m not worried. now when they make ‘cyber dogs’ that can pounce?; it’s every human for him/herself.

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