we agree with someone else about grades: world coming to abrubt end?

25 12 2008


i want to start by saying – “YES” –  i emphatically agree with jemerson’s consensual grading database idea.

no more of this FA decides garbage.  you think it’s a 12?  grrrreat.  it’s not; the mob now decides the apparent ‘truth’ and the mob says “11”.  finally something that makes sense.

add to this feature anonymity and tossing outliers (+3 grade difference from the FA and/or the mean) and what you have is something that is – dare i say? – useful.  not only would this end the social pressure of having to agree with your peers, but it would also end the frustrating tribunal downgrading that happens every season in the south just before the triple crown.

i mean, yeah, i get it.  you live next to the problem.  you’ve done it.  it feels easier.  it must be easier.  the throng replies: “yes, yes, yes, no”.  just because you can drink 5 beers, hike my project, AND hold a steady conversation about how morrissey sucked without the smiths doesn’t mean my project is any less stout.  it just means you’ve got my project wired in addition to having great musical sense.

now if we could just find someone who can speak “8a” we could maybe get this thing implemented.


“Hello God, it’s me….Tissue”

22 12 2008



first of all, i want to send a big ol’ cyber-hug to our rockclimbing brothers and sisters in wisconsin, michigan, illinois, kansas, etc..  for i know as bad as it might seem in the bluegrass state – our worst winter days are trivial in comparison to the frigid onslaught you people face year after year.  i’m so  %*%&#&  sorry.

here in kentucky, the last month has been a) really wet and cold or b) cold, cold, and cold.  aside from popping poorly insulated pipes, causing conflicted lovers to spoon, and forcing me into at least a dozen head-nodding weather conversations with the elderly, this terrible weather has forced me to…. wait for it:   train.

so, without further ado: tissue’s winter wonderland training regimen Read the rest of this entry »

what if?: climbing trips were like tv shows

17 12 2008


murder she wrote: one of my spotters has to die, but it’s totally worth it for a sweet camping spot and an abbreviated mystery.

house: i’d not only get to spend the whole day high, but i’d also get to go around and figure out all the impossible problems while all my friends stand in awe of my realbig brain.

gilligan’s island: an island full of boulders, a cadre of young persons, and a pair of old people to remind us of how awesome we all are.  not sure i’d be gunning for a rescue.

heroes: everyone has amazing climbing skills but never really sends anything because they are too busy discussing how ‘special’ they all are.  on the bright side?  nobody will ever die.

lost: all the boulderers are really sport climbers, all the sport climbers are really boulderers, and nobody knows WTF is going on.


poo is not a clever metaphor for poop

4 12 2008


it has occurred to me that omitting a letter from a word is not a “metaphorical recombination of discourse”. first, there’s no recombination. second, “poo” alone hardly counts as discourse. finally, and by finally I mean ‘thirdly’, there’s no metaphorical recombination in the transition from ‘poop’ to ‘poo’ (that’s a tautology kids!).

i guess it’s a euphemism? something about the lack of a hard consonant at the end seems to make ‘poop’ less disgusting. it euphemizes that shit, so to speak. in fact, there seems to be an entire array of fecal terms that one could arrange in order from least to most disgusting. this week, we here at ICftG will take on this excremental challenge and apply some sort of lingual science to the potty talk. why? i don’t know: Read the rest of this entry »