potent reminder: climbing is still fun

25 01 2009


it’s easy to forget.  as climbers we can be a bit ridiculous.  i mean, we set weekly limits on beer consumption and we run ‘laps’ on the uber-boring (but super-pumpy) blue problem at the gym so we can get better at something that will only leave us wanting – no craving – the razor’s edge of failure/victory that started the whole blue problem beer avoidance ploy in the first place.  argh.  like a mobius strip that makes me really really thirsty.

and when we’re not climbing?  it almost worse: we constantly think about moves on problems we can almost definitely do (the next time the temps are good and we get some rest and our tips heal), we plan new, more sinister, ways to get our ‘fast twitch’ muscle fibers running on all cylinders, and we have unsolvable – yet hilariously heated – conversations about ethics and grades with other people who are – like us- just trying to get through another day of not climbing (while having desk jobs with *cough* computer access).

it’s kinda a lot to deal with sometimes; so much that the intangibles that make climbing great can become – well – really intangible.  like f*$&#ing invisible even.

so after a month of either being in the gym, on the x box, or in a bar it is very nice to get out into some of the nature and confirm climbing is indeed really fun.  it really is.  my pal patrick and i put up three fun ‘new’ lines on solid morehead rock, worked on a few projects (that confirmed the winter fatness has yet to melt away), and laughed at how cold it was (28).

so just to reitterate: climbing is really fun.

fo realzies.





4 responses

26 01 2009

fo’ tru’!!

it especially makes a difference when your with a good crew; definitely makes it more fun. i’ve been lucky to find some good crews here, but sure do miss you guys back east.

keep it real. and keep it fun.

26 01 2009

oh, by the way: i’m in hueco!

5 02 2009

yes, climbing is indeed fun, but there is a sh!t load of snow on the ground where I’m at, and as it turns out, reading this blog (which I just found, alleluia) or getting a 100% completion at GTA4, is actually more fun than pulling plastic at the gym.

So, I see two potential problems here, 1- I will be done retro-reading every single bit of prose this blog ever put out before the end of the day, so let’s hope there’s a lot more where that came from, at least until April.
2- I will have to hold you personally responsible for making my long awaited first road trip to RRG (at the end of the term) profoundly suck on account of my not being able to make my way up the lamest 5.11 classic because I did not have it in me to train properly during the dreadful winter months because reading this blog felt more rewarding and worthwhile at the time.

7 02 2009

1) you have to climb in the gym during the winter. it’s not about fun steve – it’s about total victory.
2) stop playing gta4. driving, playing darts, and answering the phone are not components of a real game. real games – as you may well know – only include shooting people, blowing them up, stabbing them, and then checking your kill/death ration afterwards.
3) i’ll start writing training posts so you can guilt yourself into fitness.
4) thanks for reading.

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