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20 02 2009


i just got paid today.  this means 1) i can buy some epoxy to try and save some boulder problems from certain doom and 2) i can buy a domain name for this blog.

i am now the proud owner of  so next time someone asks “where should i go for courageous prose related to – but not limited to – the rockclimbings?” you can tell them to go to rather than the unwieldy dot wordpress crud i had 4 minutes ago.

also, i added a bunch of links and broke them into appropriate categories.

thank you for reading.  i’m going bouldering.

-tommy wilson aka tissue tendons




7 responses

20 02 2009
Steve in burbland

Congrats on moving up the internet ladder, so to speak. Funny how icftg sounds, like you could tell someone “go icftg yourself” or something.

And thanks for the blog list. I’m sorta noob at this, and every new link I click opens up a whole new realm of procrastinating potential. Can’t say my students aren’t happy about this as well, as each subsequent class I fail to prepare on account of my blog reader filling up requires less and less work from them.

I was a bit dissapointed though, when I realized my 3-post-long-soon-to-be-abandoned-excuse-for-a-blog-only-somewhat-related-to-climbing-and-not-particularly-funny-or-incisive-(or relevant)-uptill-now didn’t make your list. I don’t know what it was that led me to believe I was gonna be meaningful in the rockclimbing blogosphere overnight.

Oh well, live and learn.
…and long live icftg, till you’re bought out by some big publishing conglomerate, and your posts lose their edge, while you laugh and roll around in hundred dollar bills spread all over the bed.

20 02 2009

if i could get a bed of 100’s for it, this blog would be dedicated to cooking recipes faster than you can say ‘betty crocker’. with that in mind:

Eggy in a Basket…

For each serving you will need: 1 egg

“Using cookie cutter, donut cutter or just the bottom of a cup, cut out design in the center of the bread. Make sure you leave all sides intact. Save center to fry with egg in the basket.

Heat frying pan with small amount of oil and place bread with design cut out in pan. Break egg into center and fry as you would regular egg. At same time place cut out piece and fry. Turn each piece over once to fry on both sides.

This recipe is good for the beginner cook who likes to help make breakfast as the whole slice makes it easier to “flip” then just a plain fried egg.”


22 02 2009

icftg is coming into its own… its all growds up now, isn’t it?!

the weather is going to be in the 80s tomorrow here at hueco, and that spells no good. i hope as the weather warms up for you all back east, the wetness decreases, so you guys can go out and get some more development done.

peace and congratulations

22 02 2009

Congrats! Why not epoxy a couple o eggies on that bad hold while you’re up there. Still too cold in cleveland to do anything. Soon…

23 02 2009

congratulations on becoming another one of my friends whom i can reference later as someone i knew and hung out with when they were just starting out. so when you sell out, do i get a cut as a one time contributing editor?

23 02 2009

yes. i’ll give you 1/5th of the promotional stickers i receive.

until then… i offer fa’s.

24 02 2009

Holy sheeit, you’ve gone le…geeit! Keep up the good work. Bizzle on…

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