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31 03 2009


not too long ago i went to the newport aquarium.  a medium sized aquazoo located in one of those disney-esque entertainment complexes that feature chain food, family fun, and a walkable space set alongside a ginormous parking lot.  this particular ‘fun zone’ is located south of cincinnati just along the banks of the ohio river.  if you aren’t familiar with aquariums they tend to feature a bunch of aquatic life stripped from their various natural environs and plugged into pitiful tiny interpretations of those same environs.  yes, basically just like a world’s fair, but the fish don’t dress up like ‘real’ fish, they just are. Read the rest of this entry »


total win: sending in the non-satanic season

30 03 2009


patrick and i climb year round.  most of the weaksauce chumps we know are all like “it’s too hot” during the summer months, and all like “it’s too cold” in the winter.  but the people who know what’s what are willing to climb 340-some days a year in the ol’ bluegrass state.  we are those people. Read the rest of this entry »

how to celebrate a 7B/B+

28 03 2009

i'm not sure which is more effective. the bowtie or the olive finger. hrm.

‘deserve victory’.  i like this.  probably wouldn’t motivate me to work 90 hour weeks in a Manchester bomb factory, but it seems pretty useful to get me working on stuff that matters.  like writing and climbing and AAAAKKKK!!!  nevermind.  false alarm.  Read the rest of this entry »

the one year anniversary post

26 03 2009


just a little more than 12 months ago this little blog started with a single post.  like most blogs it used simple words to relay ideas to readers. but it also used super-secret mental brain waves to transmit advertisements into the drinking water of every climbing gym in the world.  the results?  74 posts, 247 comments, nearly 20,000 hits, and a forthcoming class action suit from the entire climbing community.

i would like to take this time to thank everyone for reading.  without you all i’d have is this totally useless advertisement-to-water mental telepathy power. Read the rest of this entry »

thinking about posting

25 03 2009


it seems i think best when i first wake in the morning.  ideas spawn effortlessly in those interstitial moments between dreaming and organizing.  perhaps our best emerges at dawn.

unfortunately the idea for this post came to me this afternoon.  there i was thinking about how brilliant i am in the morning when all of a sudden it hit me: i should write a post people might care about.  had i taken a journalism class in my enormously long run through the higher education ‘jungle’ i might have come to this sooner.  they probably cover it in the first five minutes on the first day of the first class.  i imagine it is likely stenciled over the entrance to the campus newsroom: “nobody cares about what you are thinking ESPECIALLY when it barely makes sense”.  seems as good a mantra as any.  if i had a stencil set i might be tempted to etch it over my own front door.  of course, it wouldn’t last long as i’m quite sensitive to critiques related to caring, thinking, and sense-making.  especially when i’m asked to do all three.  at the same time no less. Read the rest of this entry »

awesome weather makes blogging not…

22 03 2009


for a rare glimpse into one of my “omigod i totally understand why chris sharma doesn’t have a blog” moments please see above.  the text, not the picture.

rockclimbings r awesome.


magic time: a video post

19 03 2009

climbing videos seem to be all the rage with the interwebs.  so here they are.  all the videos you really need to see.  all in one place.  magic time.  here we go.