friday the 13th

4 03 2009

this is a problem i ‘opened’ a few weeks ago.  from the video you can clearly see it involves rock gripping and arm pulling on a slightly overhung sandstone face.  what you can’t see is how much breathing it requires.  but believe me it requires a lot of breathing.  when i did the FA i must have breathed 5 or so times during the 34 second sequence.  that’s like a breath every 7 seconds.  clockwork.  like an iron lung.  or a clock.

for more media head to furyregister.





2 responses

5 03 2009

nice work. I need to get back up with ya man. all sorts of shiza’s been going on- breakins at my casa, etc. Wanna check out the goods sometime though. keep on crushing…

12 12 2009
Rockcastle: Main Side « wtflolbbq

[…] Friday the 13th 6  (blue) ***: start on obvious slopey shelf, throw to crimp, and head up on better holds to finish out left.  wilson […]

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