thinking about posting

25 03 2009


it seems i think best when i first wake in the morning.  ideas spawn effortlessly in those interstitial moments between dreaming and organizing.  perhaps our best emerges at dawn.

unfortunately the idea for this post came to me this afternoon.  there i was thinking about how brilliant i am in the morning when all of a sudden it hit me: i should write a post people might care about.  had i taken a journalism class in my enormously long run through the higher education ‘jungle’ i might have come to this sooner.  they probably cover it in the first five minutes on the first day of the first class.  i imagine it is likely stenciled over the entrance to the campus newsroom: “nobody cares about what you are thinking ESPECIALLY when it barely makes sense”.  seems as good a mantra as any.  if i had a stencil set i might be tempted to etch it over my own front door.  of course, it wouldn’t last long as i’m quite sensitive to critiques related to caring, thinking, and sense-making.  especially when i’m asked to do all three.  at the same time no less.

so anyhow, this afternoon i was thinking about my intense morning mind powers when it hit me: i should write a post people care about. but rather than jump right into it i had some coffee.  dark roasted and strong.  surprisingly it didn’t help with the writing and so not knowing precisely how to begin i decided to just list things people might care about:

1) hard sending: like, duh.  the gutworks of the entire climbing blogosphere are composed of sending, then reporting, then (re)reporting on the aforementioned hard sending.  to cash in on this ‘hawt rowk aktion’ my analysis suggests you either a) send hard, b) have posse that sends hard, c) report on someone sending hard, or d) talk about how the entire climbing blogosphere is composed of reporting, verifying, and (re)reporting hard sending.  cha ching!  you can send my check to 303 Madison Place, Lexington, KY 40508.  okthxbye.

2) yet another post about grades: i know it seems impossible to get grades right.  what with the all the variables (space, time, becoming) and stuff.  but i’m pretty sure it’s only gonna take one more post to break the camel’s back on this.  seriously.  i think we’re close.

3) a post about some place people can’t currently get to because their job/wife/car/severe student debt won’t allow them to get there: these are good.  i’d write one if i could get out of lexington.  maybe i’ll take all my hard-sending meta-reporting loot and buy myself a ticket to somewhere reeeeelly nice.

4) a thought provoking post about the relationship between nature and sport, movement and stone, thought and bodies: just kidding.  if you’ll recall the prompt was “something people will care about it”.

fresh out of ideas.  maybe i’ll have something good.  tomorrow.  in the morning.





6 responses

25 03 2009

Hilarious! Really enjoyed that post

26 03 2009

You’re overthinkin’ it dood. Just post funnies.

Also, climbing lit is so tapped out that the notion of writing something interesting is pretty much a pipe dream. All you can do is rehash someone else’s idea, whether you knew it was someone else’s idea or not.


26 03 2009

pipe dream? pft. i quote the great stephen in this regard:

“Hilarious! Really enjoyed that post”

had he taken the time to finish he would have also said “because it was so interesting and totally did not rehash anything that has ever existed in the history of the world”.

thank you stephen. kinder words have rarely been spoken.

27 03 2009
peter beal

So what we’re talking about is postmodern posting? Post-posting?

27 03 2009

i believe the correct wombination (or portmanteau) is pomo-sting.

5 11 2009

omg x infinity … stop the insanity, my friend… no wait… don’t do that… who’d hold my metaphorical hand when there’s technical difficulties… and kick me in the head with words on SC?

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