the one year anniversary post

26 03 2009


just a little more than 12 months ago this little blog started with a single post.  like most blogs it used simple words to relay ideas to readers. but it also used super-secret mental brain waves to transmit advertisements into the drinking water of every climbing gym in the world.  the results?  74 posts, 247 comments, nearly 20,000 hits, and a forthcoming class action suit from the entire climbing community.

i would like to take this time to thank everyone for reading.  without you all i’d have is this totally useless advertisement-to-water mental telepathy power.

but not everyone who is reading this now, no now, no now, no now was here before now to read the stuff posted prior to the present.  unless of course they read my post on time machines, then made a time machine, then read this, then went back to read the things prior to now, then came back to now to read this.

or i suppose someone could have just clicked the previous entries button and gone back through the archives.

boring.  but effective i guess.

anyways, this post not only rings a virtual bell to signal one year(s) of climbing blogdom, but gives me a chance to rank my own posts and bring some forgotten classics back to the front page they all once occupied.  like a parade of stars but with posts.  a parade of posts.   post parade!

shew.  that was so fun i forgot what was going on for a second.

oh yeah.  the list:

fake interview

logical operators

climbin with dudes

gravity is a bummer

halo 3 and climbing y’all

8a objections

sponsor me

brangelina grading post


funnier than now

srsly.  thanks.

-tommy wilson

aka “tissue tendons”




One response

27 03 2009

i believe the “no, thank you” thank you is in order:

no, thank you!

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