how to celebrate a 7B/B+

28 03 2009

i'm not sure which is more effective. the bowtie or the olive finger. hrm.

‘deserve victory’.  i like this.  probably wouldn’t motivate me to work 90 hour weeks in a Manchester bomb factory, but it seems pretty useful to get me working on stuff that matters.  like writing and climbing and AAAAKKKK!!!  nevermind.  false alarm. 

how to celebrate a 7B/7B+ (not to be confused with or compared to how to celebrate an 8c):

1) have an hour long conversation/argument with your posse rehashing the comparative crux difficulty of every 7A+ and 7B+ everyone has done in the last 3 years.  make a mental note of why everyone else is totally wrong.

2) keep refreshing Climbing’s Hot Flashes RSS feed to see if they report your big day.

3)  try and find a 7C that hasn’t been downgraded yet, repeat number 1, then downgrade to 7B+.  a week later upgrade it back to 7C because you believe consensus is all that really matters, and then downgrade it to 7B+ again because you feel guilty.

4) make plans to climb a real 7B+/7C.  decide instead to browse the 8a database looking for consistently soft 7C+s.  send 5.10 another email explaining how you’re about to go on a rampage and could really use a new pair of dragons.

5) just downgrade it to 7A.  spend the rest of the day discussing your bravery and humility.  remind yourself that ‘brave and humble’ is waaaay played out.  laugh out loud because you just brought that s**t back.  look around to see if anyone notices you talk to yourself.

6) go home, crack open a beer, enter the send into 8a, and then sit and stare at your scorecard graph for an hour or so while you soak up the inspiration.  /wink

here’s a video of a not 7B/B+ that has nothing to do with this post at all.





3 responses

28 03 2009
Dunn Chuffing

or you could
1, fabricate lots of problems done
2, become 1 of the top boulderers in the world
3, wait for jens to delete your scorecard from eight eh, dot en you.

but then, of course, you wouldn’t have much to do for the better part of the day

30 03 2009
A gives a low priority to traverse/boulder routes, so the real question is : did you really just climb a problem anyone should be boasting about, since disregards them and your chances of making the front page are slim to non existent (unless you’re humble and brave about it, and agree with Jens on something).

(props apart from that for that unrelated climb on the video, looking strong)

Also, I am the one who declared Action Direct was 9a in case anyone is wondering (gosh i spend too much time on this website)

30 03 2009

if i’m climbing a boulder route i jump off in the middle, eat a snack, and then pick up where i left off.

then i go home and log points for 2 – count ’em – 2 problems.

mo problems
mo money

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