total win: sending in the non-satanic season

30 03 2009


patrick and i climb year round.  most of the weaksauce chumps we know are all like “it’s too hot” during the summer months, and all like “it’s too cold” in the winter.  but the people who know what’s what are willing to climb 340-some days a year in the ol’ bluegrass state.  we are those people.

it’s not that we are somehow better than our weak-willed rock-humping brothers and sisters; like we have some sorta totally awesome gene or something.  nope.  it’s because we’d be bored otherwise.  and you know what they say about idle hands.  something or other about the devil.

which we tend to find really scary.

even if we don’t remember exactly why.

but before it gets really nasty in kentucky we have this little non-satanic season i like to call ‘spring’.  it’s good for climbing.  so good, even the whiners like to get out and pull.  it’s also a good time for people with the awesome gene to send their projects.

so i did.  and with a camera on hand to boot.


shout out to my mom for camera work and cheering.

edit: more of her photos and another video over at fury.





2 responses

31 03 2009

You curse in front of your mom? For shame!

ps. nice sends.

31 03 2009

yeah. that’s how i maintain my ‘street’ cred. people know not to mess with a dude who drops the f-bomb in front of their mom.

str8 murdera.

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