jimmy webb interview

4 04 2009

/bump.  jimmy is a nice guy and this deserved way more time at the top.  if you’re here for the non-drama it’s just below.  also peep the new video over at fury register if you have a second.  it tops out AND features a Beach Boys track.  booyah.

finally, i would like to thank everyone for reading and helping me set a single week hit record.  together we finally beat out that one time I paid the kids in my neighborhood to spend an entire weekend pumping up my numbers at the public library.


i promised to interview more southern boulderers a few months back.  today i bring you round two of said interviewing: the jimmy webb email interview.

jimmy webb is a beast.  and by beast i don’t mean he eats people.  just that he climbs hard.  and by climbs hard i mean he has sent hard lines everywhere.  everywhere, i say!:  jason kehl’s The New Zero (v13) in So Ill, Crown of Aragorn (v13) and Alma Blanca (v13) in Hueco, Haroun and the Sea of Stories (v12 flash!) and an obscure climb called the Mandala (sp?) in Bishop, as well as Dark Waters (v13) at Clear Creek.  if a bomb went off everywhere jimmy did a hard rockclimb then the entire U S of A would look like – wait for it – like a warzone.


what’s more, this list is just a summary.  that’s right people – he has climbed even more than this.  if you don’t believe me go check out his 8a scorecard.  it’s okay, i’ll wait.

see.  it’s all right there.  in bar graph form.  still don’t believe me?  watch the video again.  that’s him climbing up all the big rocks.  topping them out no less; i find this totally overwhelming.

fortunately, all of jimmy’s big winning has not gone to his head.  and unlike the entire cast of Friends, jimmy agreed to do an interview with us rather than file a restraining order.

it starts after the jump.

icftg: With recent pwnage in hueco, bishop, and…um…everywhere in between, it appears you are on an American rampage of sorts.  should just americans be afraid of you or should your terror be felt globally?  in other words, why are you so scary?

Haha, yea I was recently in somewhat of a “non-stop roadtrip” around classics spots in the US. It was fun! But late this summer my girlfriend and I, Kasia Pietras are planning on making a 2 month trip to the Rocklands of South Africa. So watch out! SYKED!

icftg: In your opinion what is the most overused word commonly employed to describe climbing experiences: a) inspiring, b) motivating, c) intimidating, or d) delicious?  What word would you like to see overused?

Inspiring for sure. But how else to describe the beauty of climbing, and the locations we travel to??  Sexual? That sounds good.

icftg: Once you parlay this whole ‘climbing’ thing into a lucrative rapping career it’s gonna be decision time.  That’s right Jimmy.  you are going to have to choose a rap name.  It seems pretty obvious you are proly gonna go with J-Web, but would you be willing to go with Jizzle the Wizzle to get your big break with a record company?  Why or why not?

Ha! Hell no. Jweb. Cut and print.
Keep it real.

icftg: Xbox 360 or the Wii?  Favorite game?  If you don’t play video games I’d appreciate it if you would just lie.  Otherwise there is no way for the rest of us to justify how awesome we are at <insert game here>.   Also, if you could explain how gaming has helped your climbing that would be really ‘inspiring’.

Wii for sure. I’d like to consider myself a “semi” professional golfer.  I spend somewhere around 5-7 hours a day swinging away! Definitely gives me the workout i need to climb hard.

icftg: Final question: Southern Boulderer Breakdancing Championship.  You’ve just made it through the semis. (editors note: congratulations!)  First, who do you least want to face in the final showdown?  Second, did you ever think you would make it this far?

Umm.. probably Tommy Morrisson. He’s got mad skills..

thanks jimmy!





2 responses

2 04 2009
sock hands

i approve.

oh, and BOOM, BITCHES!

7 04 2009

yeah: BOOM!

climbed with jimmy and kasia in hueco. super-fun and super-great peeps!

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