‘so siked brah’: rokclimbings on mai mind

21 05 2009
Steroid Effects_04

testicular shrinkage impotence AND your tiny balls hang out of your shorts. ouch. the lesson here is clear: don't smoke steroid-filled syringes. srsly.

i’m seriously so juiced on sportclimbing at the moment that i can’t think straight.  i imagine this is how the vast majority of real rockclimbers (read ‘legitimate’) feel all the time.  like the ‘being john malkovich’ part of Being John Malkovich (1999), except with woody harrelson or matthew mcconaughey.  or like one of Jim Morrison’s poetry books being on a bookshelf with any other books which are NOT comprised of Jim Morrison poetry.  or like an episode of Family Guy with just fart jokes instead of all the ‘like’ jokes.

yeah.  just like that.

-tissue ‘still not a legitimate rockclimber’ tendons




4 responses

21 05 2009

so with you here tish. totally psikt, almost manic. only those who share my feelings can tolerate being around me. that AND an amazing lemon cupcake.

21 05 2009

wow. i just read amazing lemon cupcake and immediately sporto-jock-translated it into “good high-energy project food”.

maybe a drug habit can help me get clean?

22 05 2009

Dear y’all:

Please send surplus spsiycck to: Julian@notsopsiekkedt.us. He’s annoying everyone with is whining. It’s troublematic, and frankly pathetic. You can help.

23 05 2009

torblems. torblems. torblems. julian. you know all you got to do to fix your malayze is go climbing. be obsessive brah. obsess hard enough and even if you don’t win you will probably fail to notice.

tunnel vision ftw.

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