breakdancings pwns rockclimbings

2 06 2009

hipsters back when they were just realsters

1) break dancing allows me to strain fingers while pushing down instead of pulling down.  earth shattering.

2) in break dancing i get to tell you when you suck rather than give you a false sense of hope: i.e. “you’ve got it next go for sure!”

3) i get to wear this fuzzy white kangol hat.  yeah, that’s right.  i’m wearing it right now.

4) breaking is better than rockclimbings because all its film representations are choreographed and performed by professionals (who are responsible for many 6 step variations in several states) rather than noobsauce gumbies who do double dynos with cams hanging out of their mouths.  cam mouth.  pft.

5) there aren’t grades in breaking.  it works off a binary: win/lose.

6) awesome nicknames.  like t-biz the whiz shiz.  but better.

7) no bugs at the breaking crag.

8 ) developing new moves doesn’t lead to illegible flamings from Ken Swift.

9) there aren’t any ethics which require me to take 30 foot whippers.

10) i don’t know any break dancers.

-t riz the miz kaliz




6 responses

2 06 2009

Hahaha. Holy shit man. I might just go back to breakin my damn self…


3 06 2009

i’m sold. (now where did i put my parachute pants?)

3 06 2009
peter b

There is no such thing as “arbitrary ethics.”

3 06 2009

/sigh. sure there is. arbitrary ethics simply require ordered random repetition in and through practice.

… arbitrary ethics.

note: i dont always think about what i’m writing. especially when it comes to breakdancing.

3 06 2009
sock hands

don’t think, man, just -feel it-, just flow

3 06 2009

oh i know. tell beal. he’s out of sync brah. out of sync.

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