sportclimbing is like Rogue from X-Men

9 06 2009

someone is gettin' their Gambit on

dude.  it took my powers.  no, not my awesome blog-based super-ego.  nope.  it took my rockclimbings powers.

seriously.  building up an endurance base (20-30 pitches a week of 10c-11c for almost 2 months)  has really put a damper on my “explosive” power and “tepid to lukewarm” strength.

how do i know?  i just finished my winter hangboard/front lever workout and…..  i’m total weaksauce.  can’t do a front lever (it’s not like riding a bike oddly enough) and had to drop 30 lbs off my crimp/pull-up regimen.

i really didn’t see this coming.  if i was a poorly written character in a college/frat movie, i’d go on a binge drinking/public harrasment rampage to prove i’m still a virile stud. *WHO’S THE P**SY NOW MOTHER F**KERS!!!??!?!?!*

but i’m not.  so i blogged it.

*sigh*  virility lose.

-t “i shoulda seen this coming?” t




7 responses

9 06 2009

This is why you’re supposed to train endurance over the long-term and then train power and power endurance right before unleashing your send beast. Endurance takes the longest to gain but fades slower as well.

Training fail for tt. Sorry brah.

9 06 2009

Crap. I shouldda said:

What? Sportclimbings is played indifferently by Anna Paquin in the movie version of itself?

Oh snap! Pop-culture reference! I’m so relevant!

10 06 2009

this made me spit beer all over lap. so relevant.

9 06 2009

This is why you’re supposed to not train brah. Forget about front levers and pull ups and training regimens and just climb, knowwaddamean, like feel the rock in your inner-being, and commune with the rock.

If you build it, they will come. (just felt like inserting that here. dunno what’s to build, or who is they)

10 06 2009

i havta train to feel bad about myself so i can get motivated so i can train so i can feel good about myself so i can get motivated so i can climb so i can send. a byootiful circle of love and understandings.

14 06 2009

10C-11C ?? no wonder you have lost power, thats alot of v0-v1/2 climbing. Get in more 12a-12d pitches, that will require some more power / power endurance.

15 06 2009

yeah. i was trying to rehab a pulley and most of my climbing posse wanted to get on 10’s and easy 11’s. should be fine by fall though since i’m focusing on 12’s for the rest of the summer.

oh and i’ve recently discovered a few days of hangboarding gets the finger strength back fast. like whoa.

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