innovation friday: harness pants

12 06 2009


the other day i was out climbing with my bros; a veritable who’s who of people i know.  okay, maybe i’m exaggerating a bit.

it was just me and aaron.

anywho.  we had just been to the ‘lode’ to get our pump on *spray’d* and we decided to head somewhere else for a warmdown.  and there we were standing under this 5.9+ (which is really a 10a!) talking about how dumb everyone is and how cool we are for allowing them all to live, when all of a sudden i had the best idea ever: harness pants.

it’s a classic american 2 for 1.  i’ll explain.  take two things that are seperate and sew them together!  1+1 = 2!  it’s crazy!  we wear pants to climb?  we wear harnesses to climb?  they both go on our legs?  OMFG!!!   HARNESSPANTS!!!!

even got ourselves a slogan: “harness the posspantsibilities”

if you happen to own a harness corporation, a pant company, or some sort of weird post modern hybrid and you would like to reach me for more details….

there aren’t any.  harness pants.  make it happen.  chop chop.





10 responses

12 06 2009

Probably a bit warm in the summer, but proof that it can be done…

13 06 2009

i’m speechless.

14 06 2009
sock hands

screw that shit and get down to the golden nugget: we fall on the earth. we fall on pads. make the earth one giant cush pad beneath all boulders.

do this first. don’t be an idiot. this is the money maker. harness pants would just show up on the ‘softgoods’ type page of the commercial site that no one ever goes to.

live this plan.

15 06 2009

edelrid does them as well…

15 06 2009
sock hands

edelrid does earth pad? progressive!

15 06 2009

earth pad. i’m in. you’re right sockmanhandibles… a cushy earth would make harness pants super-redundant.

in other news, i cant believe someone actually makes harness pants.

15 06 2009

Um… tt? That word (mandibles). I do not think it means what you think it means.

15 06 2009

fix’d. handibles. not even a real word. i cant believe you wiki’d me…. this is the climbing interwebs, not spacecamp.

13 08 2009
Maximus WillHammer

Hey guys found your harnuss pants comment funny I thought I was the only one that wanted hrness pants. I make all kinds of harness I think the best in the world am working on patenting my harness pants currently. Check out my Air Samurai, and Air Trek harness on my website. Peace, Max

13 08 2009
Maximus WillHammer

My website for the above listed harnesses the Air Trek and Air Samurai can be seen on http://www.maximuswillhammer for the most advanced harnesses in the world with a extreme video to watch as well.

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