not climbing?: keep being awesome

23 06 2009


i currently can’t climb.  not because i have 3 wounded fingers (i do) and not because my sponsor stipends have run dry (technically they can’t), but because my heart is broken.  that’s right; rockclimbing broke my heart.  not in the way that angelina jolie broke my heart when she wooed brad pitt away from rachel jennifer aniston.  nope.  in this case, rockclimbing with a viral infection made my heart muscle get all inflamed.  hearts afire!

so what?

now i have to sit here and recover while all the hard new lines go down in RMNP instead of climbing soft 12’s while all the hard new lines go down in RMNP.  and by sitting here i totally mean being “awesome!”.

scare quotes are intentional.  sitting is never awesome.

boo hoo.  at least my pulleys might heal.





5 responses

23 06 2009

Well, at least you aren’t being dead while all the hard new lines are going down in RMNP.

23 06 2009

yeah, but the dead don’t lament their positionally (or lack thereof).

dead 1 – wounded 0

23 06 2009
peter b

That sounds serious! Don’t worry about missing out on RMNP, it is now the Rifle of bouldering and hopefully about to go off the radar for good

23 06 2009
sock hands


23 06 2009
sock hands

what are more soft, rrg 12 or clear creek canyon 12s? this question may give your life purpose again. until you realize its futility and trivial nature. then your bubble will burst and you will drop further into the sinkhole.

down there, we can have a beer. i’m already there. i am not injured. yet, i am not climbing. this means that i lack the grasp on my life’s horns enough to be climbing when i am physically able to climb.

dead 2
wounded 1
suck at life 0

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