does climbing need bigger britches?

1 07 2009
buckskin y'all!

buckskin y'all!

britches is a word i didn’t make up.  it means pants in grandma talk.  it’s like “cap”, but it goes on your legs.  your old, leathery, saggy legs.  climbing, on the other hand, is a word i made up…. just now while you were working through the very unfortunate “elderly leg situation”.  i’ll explain climbing in what i’m calling leighmhein’s terms.  it’s german for “i tell you slowly”:

climbing: the act of intentionally not falling whilst trying very hard to do just that.  falling i mean.  intentionally not, but trying to.  and with a vigor.

if this were a film, i’d arrange a voice-over here.  i’d have john cusack read his line.  it would say: “paradox movement”.  or maybe “paradox movement?”  ooh.  i like it as a query.  not sold on john cusack, but this isn’t really a film so i guess it doesn’t matter.

“paradox movement”.


‘does climbing need bigger britches?’

“oh, right.”

apparently it might? wardrobe!

discuss.  topic?  climbing + popularity + capitalism + effects + me.  here are some prompts:

1) if climbing is rendered “gloryful” to all the people i hate *you know who you are*, will it make them like me?

2) will them liking me make me hate myself?

3) will my self-loathing make me like climbing even more?

4) do i look good in my green harness?

5) …

tommy “yes mom.  that’s right.  a rockclimbing blog.  no.  no.  what?  why would i be embarrassed?  I KNOW I’M NOT A DOCTOR!!!!” wilson