sharma vs. ondra: bromancing the stone

24 08 2009


the above title is so good i almost forgot what i was doing, but then i (re)read the title and remembered:  i can read.  and then i i remembered this post is about love, rockclimbers, and a showdown of epic proportions.

if you’re keeping track at home: that’s two birds and only a single stone.  efficiency; welcome to america.  we came up with it.

indeed.  this post is about the ultimate climbingsman entanglement: chris “zen crusher” sharma and adam “i don’t know anything about him other than he climbs real good” ondra.  and i gotta be honest here, i’m not sure who is going to win:

Hair: both have an interesting mane.  curly vs.  straight.  from a guy’s perspective it is an obvious tie.  the math was simple:  hair = hair.  but i talked to a few ladies and they suggest this one goes to sharma because they want to “bury [their] faces in [it].”  f’in gross.  sharma +1

Clothes: tie.  they wear the same prana suit to work everyday.  earth tones.  year round.  count on it.  i

Visual Acuity: sharma.  the ondra kid wears glasses.  sharma is a visionary.  this is true because i heard it on a video.  i mean, dude, sharma was in a fucking helicopter looking for lines.  if that’s not visionary practice then, well, there is no such thing.   sharma +1

Fighting: no way to know.  rockclimbers are mentally incapable of violence.  except when someone 1) climbs “their” proj, 2) talks shit about them on a message board, 3) climbs a line in any way not sorted out by the FA party, 4) sleeps with their girlfriend/boyfriend.

Dancing: i’ve got a feeling sharma probably does that whole phish-fan white-seizure thing.  it’s like wiggling, but worse.  add that to ondra being a “euro” and what you have is some points for the kid.   ondra +5.

add ’em up.





One response

31 08 2009

ondra wears stuff from italian brand montura (his sponsor)

+1 for pranachris

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