Why Does it Take a Decade to Learn Not to Train Like an Imbecile?

8 09 2009


seriously.  wtf.

all finger strength – all the time = broke ass fingers.

all endurance – all the time = weaksauce.

all power endurance – all the time = exhausted.

all power – all the time = broke ass shoulders.

despite having read about training in cycles, it never struck me as something i should maybe consider.  like abstinence as a means to magically avoid STD’s (shazam!), cyclical training seemed like a horrendous way to get “some”.  and by some i mean rockclimbing fun.  look, if i want to campus on jugs, then it’s jug campusin’ time.  if i want to do mono one arm pullups with a punching bag strapped to my waist, then i’m gonna do it.  because that’s what me and my ridiculously enormous forearms are in the mood for.  that’s how i eat.  that’s how i drink.  that’s how i climb.

i’m basically like the Hemingway of mundane activity doing.

so instead of heeding the sage advice of training book writers and the magazine writer-people who plagiarize borrow from them, i opted for a much more belligerent strategy:

climb ’til it breaks.  then play video games until you get fat.  then climb ’til it breaks.  and so on and so forth until i’ve got a ton of points on my Xbox 360 and my total grade progression since 2000 comes out to be something like -1.

this cycle of idiocy continued for over a decade until now.  because like a ‘roid junkie – i’m cycling.

3 weeks of power/strength

3 weeks of power endurance

1 week of just sitting around being totally kick ass

that’s right.  consider all the chains “clipped” and all the problems “ticked”.

rampage time.






5 responses

9 09 2009

Good question. I still can’t resist training like an idiot after nearly 10 years of almost constant injury. Probably the closest thing to a crack addiction I’ll ever experience I suppose.

9 09 2009

don’t ever limit your dreams dude. there’s bound to be some crack somewhere in wisconsin. i mean, it’s probably low-grade, but still.

crack is crack.

9 09 2009
stevie burbster

Took me a decade to stop worrying about my stubborn refusal to do anything remotely linked with training.
It’s done wonders: I’ve bumped up one letter grade per season for the last 3 seasons (granted we’re talking about letters relatively low on the scale, and that progress is likely to stop within the next two seasons).
As a plus, I’ve also stopped feeling guilty about my extended guitar hero sessions that always seem to overthrow my hangboard sessions. (in the college where I teach, no one cares how hard I climb, but being unbeatable with a fake guitar, man, that will build you a nice rep with the student body in no time)

10 09 2009
Lee Cujes

It not a terrible strategy, and miles better than the Xbox plan. Send with much crushing.
PS: I think you need to link me up under your training section.

10 09 2009

you are linked, sir. nice blog btw.

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