like a phoenix but without all the ashes

20 11 2009


graphic design fail

so there i was writing a blog post for my recently conceived music blog (about music y’all!), when it struck me – i already have a blog.  in fact, i have a blog WITH a domain name.  so rather than pollute the blogosphere with yet another i thought it best to recycle my favorite self-absorbed blog: this one!


because – let’s be honest – going ‘green’ actually requires more than just drinking organic apple juice and taking pictures of yourself in front of your neighbor’s Prius .  if you aren’t doing your part on the internet, then – dude – it doesn’t count.

at first i felt bad about opening up my blogorific textual boundaries (yes, exactly like working through the kama sutra but with blog genres and without all the oil) to include stuff not called rockclimbings.  but then i was all like “STOP TRYING TO CONTROL ME…me”.  schizophrenic jokes aside, there just isn’t enough in the rockclimbings to hold my top-rated, coffee-fueled, beer diminished attention.  this is not to say that climbing isn’t super-complex and, like, totally intellectually dynamic, but – to quote Too Short :

You see I got all my game from the streets of California, Young millionaire with no high school diploma, Livin real good, taking care of my folks, roll up a fat one for the players to smoke

don’t get me wrong.  just because i have “mad” “street game” doesn’t mean i don’t still rockclimb.  i decided long ago that if joe kinder can say “mayne” in a paragraph and climb 14d, then basically anyone can do anything they put their mind to.   which is why i recently doubled my training efforts to become one of the best (i.e. strongest, most talented, most epic) climbers of rock in the world. and i still say all sorts of different street words – all the time – in public.

and just between you and me, i’ve waited til now to announce how super-amazing at climbing i am because i was really into the whole unheralded hero trope AND i didn’t want to make the rest of you feel bad.

so, you’re welcome, in advance.

so what’s the plan?  well.  i’m going to write about whatever feels right.  politics?  check.  climbing?  check.  music?  check.  fashion?  you know it, girl!.  because nothing gets me to the laptop faster than a new pair of jeans.

bootcut….  gives me chills.

so yeah.  expect some stuff.  it’s all happening.




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21 11 2009
peter b

Well start writing already!

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