daniel woods explains nomenclature win

17 02 2010

either this diagram is sexist, or i'm sexistly interpreting it...

daniel woods  —->

At the Vertical Carnival blog, Cedar Wright, who filmed Woods’ ascent of The Game, quoted him on the name: “I called this problem The Game because for me the climb was a game I had to play; I had to click into game mode, and really train myself for these moves. I had to grow mentally strong and also physically strong to be able to put it together. I call it The Game because I played the game and I ended up winning the game, so game over.”

game over, indeed.

bravo, daniel.  bravo.



12 02 2010

we'll always have post #34

so.  um.  yeah.

this site, once home to my frustration with being a world-class rock-scaling machine, has – for the moment – passed into the interweb shadow world.

i’d like to thank all the readers, linkers, commenters, sponsors, and flamers who helped make this site one the most important blogs in the history of america.

indeed, with your support we helped push climbing standards forward by months, thought of new and better ways to win at life, and helped elect Obama. we also learned a thing or two about friendship along the way.  and honesty.  and ethics.

gah.  we learned SOOOO much.