Half-Long Hiatus: The (re)Return of the Return Post

31 01 2013

i think this is a phoenix

here we go again.  the fifth or six (re)revival of this blog.  standard blog crap, i know, but i make no apologies for the lull and no promises for better production.  it is what it is.

short sentences and sporadic content.  hooray.

but for some reason i kinda think this ‘go’ is built to last.  special, even.  why?  i actually have an urge to write things… with WORDS.  my daily as a stay-at-home-dad has left my brain in shambles; baby talk and lack of sleep have given me a sort of post-modern slackjawism that i really need to buck even if it only involves the pointless shallow self-talk of a climbing blog (huzzah!).  so there’s the therapeutic value.  it better work because i’m billing myself 150/hr.

i’ve also incorporated a few fundamental changes to format and content to make it easier to maintain my stride.  first off, the old lolwebz format/voice is dead.  i’m sure it still perseveres somewhere in the internetswebosphere, but it has suffered the great editorial axe here at It Came from the Garage.  if nothing else, we try desperately to hover at the bleeding edge of cultural relevance.

booya.  who’s your daddy?  where’s the beef?

second, the revival is actually just a brand new thing rather than a full-fledged comeback tour.   think Phish rather than the Dead.   totally not the same band (but sorta kinda the same exact band).  the new new raison d’etre of this space is less focused on the cultural detritus of climbing and more textually aimed at training for climbing and – you know – actual climbing.  we aren’t completely canning the cultural hooha but its taking a definite back seat to my riveting tales of pullups, situps, and jumping jacks (all three pivotal elements of a climbing training regiment).

on the training front you might expect description rather than prescription.  of course, you’re free to do whatever you want (kinda), but my masochism shouldn’t necessarily be copied.  think i’m a kook?  awesome.  think i’m onto something.   cool.

hopefully i can keep this riveting enough to keep you coming back for more.





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