The Winter Cometh

24 12 2016

this season finds me – your trusty narrator – in really good form: (semi) light.  strong.  really really stoked  hyped with only a few small injuries tarnishing the shimmer.  yes, my current physicality is comparable to a nice set of silverware.


remember kids: the awkward fork is for salads

the fascinating thing about getting better – aside from dinner etiquette metaphors – is how it radically alters your optics.  its not that previously untouchable lines now appear doable (alas, they do not), but you see start to see things in the rock that simply weren’t available before.  old problems suddenly have new sit starts and – will you look at that – the king line right next to it isn’t even chalked up.  fitness and time yield stuff.  and despite science being on the way out – RIP – it’s all still very exciting.

with that in mind, i’ve been spending some time in the woods (re)scanning old areas as well as parsing new spots.  it’s a bit of a renaissance.  so instead of letting it pass without note, i’m going to try to make this space a repository for the super-rad world-making process that is boulder development.

there won’t be much in the way of grandiose proclamations regarding quality, but you can be sure i’ll make amends in the realm of self-deprecation and lowball photos.

happy holidays





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