About Us

Us is a magazine dedicated to celebrity sex scandals, no-nonsense fashion advice, and pointless ‘how-to’ guides for people who think melodrama is a non-narcotic (but still reeeeaaaaly habit-forming) sleep aid.

we here at ICftG have no affiliation with this magazine, nor do we condone reading it.  in fact, we don’t condone reading.  period.  i mean, how can you scan the horizon for the next big thing if your face is buried in a book?

welcome to It Came from the Garage.  where we put the “It Came from the” right before “Garage”.

it was our idea.

tommy wilson


=music machine


=cultural/political geographer

=freelance writer

=5 ball juggler


4 responses

12 07 2008

are you guys b.commers? the sock hands reference excited me.

13 07 2008

aha. just figured out what b.commer meant. the answer is no: not a poster on boldering.com. but i just went there and i lawl’d. tis funny.

9 09 2008

Hmm….is there a section of ITFTG referencing, “Climbers, they’re just like us?”

9 09 2008
tissue tendons

not yet, but our crack team of ‘climber likeness section referencing makers’ have been working day and night on something that may satisfy this sectional demand.

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