what’s your stylee?: gruntasmagoria

22 04 2008

to start, it’s important we mention that a ‘stylee’ is just a really cool way to say “style”. of particular interest is the extra ‘e’, as it sometimes allows the speaker the extra time required to finish a sentence with the quite remarkable ‘double peace sign‘.

as in: “whoa dude… peep the style (insert hand gesture here) e.” the extra oomph! provided by this conversational assemblage should be self-evident.

with nomenclature out of the way, i am happy to introduce It Came from the Garage’s first thematic repeating post: what’s your stylee? this series is (and ostensibly will be) devoted to letting readers sound off about their particular “style” of doing things in climbing. for instance, do you dig a hole before you poo in the woods or do you just cover it in at-the-ready leaves? this would be an example of your “poo-stylee”. for the first week, however, i want to turn our focus from fecal matters to the more pressing issue of grunting. so, without further ado:

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It begins today

25 02 2008

me not sending

What begins today? Well. A number of things really. First, and perhaps most obviously, the blog begins today. Yesiree. Today is the day. It hath begun.

Second, I depart the bluegrassed grass of central Kentucky for the non-grassed dirt of southern Arizona. To recap: grass –> dirt.

This blog will serve as a resource for all things related to this move inasmuch as I find them relative to said move. Ipso facto ergo propter hoc. In other words, I am writing this blog and I don’t understand Latin.

But what might one expect in this ad-hoc virtual virtual narrative?:

1) Spray: In uber-leet rock climbing, success is measured by amazing feats of strength and skill. To make sure these feats are actually measured, one must actually tell people about them. Telling people is called “spraying”. The word is drawn, I believe, from cat spray, a foul substance left by cats to let all the other cats know they are “fo real”. Much of my blog will be made up of a similar textual “piss” to let my friends and rivals know how amazing my feats really are.

2) Hilarity: (see above)

3) Sarcasm: (see above)

4) Pictures, whimsical anecdotes, and whatever else fits.

chances are, however, i’ll post here twice – forget about the blog – and carry on with a non-virtual round of self-indulgent narcissism.