total win: sending in the non-satanic season

30 03 2009


patrick and i climb year round.  most of the weaksauce chumps we know are all like “it’s too hot” during the summer months, and all like “it’s too cold” in the winter.  but the people who know what’s what are willing to climb 340-some days a year in the ol’ bluegrass state.  we are those people. Read the rest of this entry »


blog updates

20 02 2009


i just got paid today.  this means 1) i can buy some epoxy to try and save some boulder problems from certain doom and 2) i can buy a domain name for this blog.

i am now the proud owner of  so next time someone asks “where should i go for courageous prose related to – but not limited to – the rockclimbings?” you can tell them to go to rather than the unwieldy dot wordpress crud i had 4 minutes ago.

also, i added a bunch of links and broke them into appropriate categories.

thank you for reading.  i’m going bouldering.

-tommy wilson aka tissue tendons

my very own shikidang

18 02 2009

culturewhen i lived in arizona i climbed with a fellow who grunted whilst pulling the mega-hard climbing moves.  i myself, being what i call a ‘silent killer’, am always sort of amazed at the grunting population.  it’s weird; like they can push themselves through difficult moves without holding their breath and/or muttering obscenities at inanimate clumps of stone.  in a word: amazing. Read the rest of this entry »

kentucky bouldering jackpot

8 02 2009
tissue heading into the crux on 1070 (v8)

tissue heading into the crux on 1070 (v8)

bouldering in kentucky has long been a joke of sorts; something you do when you can’t find a belayer for the red or can’t afford the gas for a trip to chattanooga.  i mean, there are certainly some good solid problems in the bluegrass state and even a few decent areas, but – for the most part – the vast majority of our ‘grounded’ sandstone boulders are sand piles.

until now.

43 problems in 4 days (with potential for 100+).  fun warmups.  hard projects.  big highballs.  great rock.

we win.  for more pictures head to my new picture site (don’t want this blog to get bogged down with too much climbing).

Read the rest of this entry »

the politics of grading: brangelina grocery conundrum

24 11 2008


grading is funny.  hilarious, even.  most rockclimbers agree grades are super-subjective, and yet they all maintain a firm commitment to getting them “right”.  it’s like standing in line at the grocery arguing about what jennifer aniston ‘really’ thinks about brad pitt.  there simply is no right answer people (except for ‘she still loves him’).  why?  because we all interpret the pictures of these super-hawt megastars differently.  sure, we can all agree that angelina jolie is a crazy-hawt, terribly-vile, home-wrecking temptress, but the pictures of brad and jennifer are filled with an uncertain whimsy; a trace of longing in jen’s eyes mixed with brad’s love for shaking children render these almost illegible.  spellbinded, we can but speculate on their true feelings.  but for some, speculatings are not enough; people must set forth the really real relations, impose their grocery-line psychoanalytics on the world.  Read the rest of this entry »

video killed the rockclimbing star

20 10 2008

i don’t like to sing the praises of this blog.  i’ve tried.  but my voice is really flat.  like the earth, but without the uber-scary drop-off in the middle of the atlantic.  you know, the one just west of the terribly out-of-scale ‘sea beasts’.

yes, yes, we’re very humble here at itcamefromthegarage.  it’s part of our new year’s resolution: “we will lie about our humility”.

in spite of our nearly-opaque hubris, i must point out some successes we have successed recently.

1) we set a single week record for strikethroughs.  just last week the record was 0.  now?  like 5.  nay, make that an even 6.

2) we rockclimbed in nature and – get this – with people.  we had heard tell that this sort of ‘group rockclimbing’ was the “jam”, but had yet to really sink our teeth into it.  you can now consider our teeth sunked.  we might do it again if our craig’s list ads pans out a second time: “SWM seeks raucous rockclimbing posse to cheer success, ignore failure, and buy it stuff”

3) we made a video Read the rest of this entry »

fall is coming

8 09 2008

despite coming off a full weekend of hangover-producing graduate school shenanigans, it has been brought to my attention (by nature no less) that fall is coming.  and with fall?:  


in fact, i’m heading to military in 15 minutes.  gonna get my ’12 wall’ trifecta on.

booyah.  (it’s how the kids say “see, i am doing this”)