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hi there.  you’re great.  it’s an honor to serve you sir/miss/corporate entity.  a real honor.  thank you for giving us the opportunity to give you the opportunity to give us an opportunity to let us let you like us.

icftgblog <at> gmail <dot> com

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15 10 2008
Brad Killough

Great site and great articles! Put me on the mailing list, please!

16 10 2008

thanks brad. we don’t have a mailing list, but we are quite bookmarkable. so bookmark us – or better yet – get our rss feed by clicking our ‘magic feed’ button on the top right corner of the page. yay!

26 02 2009

people will find it funny, as i did, that you consider me a “strongmo” (which i’m not). i do have a blog though. so 1 out of 2 ain’t bad.

i guess this means i’ll just have to step up my game. and by step up my game, i mean start lying about things that i’ve sent!

laughing all the way to the bank, (aka kupferer)

22 03 2009
eric gifford

whats up guys? my name is eric gifford, some of your crew know me and the others i m sure that i will meet you soon. the reason i m contacting you is i saw mark osbourne snag the fa of black widow. i was told about the problem six years ago by matt wright, nick roof and dave hume. you should give credit were its do. i also know of a lot of boulders near and around big south fork. i know of spot in hazard as well. we should get together a put kentucky on the map not just for the red. hit me up on my site, or through my email. peace and respect. eric gifford

24 10 2009

hey man. was looking for a guide. hook it up

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