what apocalypse?: bolts, beers, and bob marley

30 04 2009


the world hangs on the precipice of doom.  the economy is in shambles, robots are competing in jeopardy, and a pork-based epidemic is sweeping across the globe.  the last gasps of humanity flicker like whispers in th…. *wait a minute.  what’s that you say?  sport climbing?  at the red?  for a few months?  dude, i’m so in.*

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all your base are belong to us

25 11 2008

skynet_bbcnewsaside from the rockclimbings, i am really only a fan of three things: 1) ridiculousness 2) uncertainty and 3) speculating on various apocalypti (the pluralization of apocalypse).  this not only affords me an ideological escape from the ‘really real’ problems haunting modernity, but also gives me a preposterous head-start in planning my “anexact yet rigorous” escape from the clutches of whatever doomsday scenario decides to come our way.  of course, my improbable plans always oscillate around the question of “which”.  that is, ‘which’ impossible calamity will sound the last bell for humanity and send me running headlong into the once populated ruins of ‘merika?

today – november 25th, 2008 – the bell hath been rung.  what was once a tossup between zombie apocalypse (the material return of our sins) and robot revolution (patricide of the AI father) is now crystal clear.  tis the latter;  robots will be killing us all shortly. Read the rest of this entry »