what the south does when it gets warm: i’m building climbing walls again

4 06 2008

yup.  as tissue mentioned; it’s summer time.  and we all know what that means:  the architect is designing and building his third climbing wall. because it’s the summer, and that’s what i do.  for those unfamiliar, allow me to present some of my previous work:

the bassett prow

this was the “prow” at the famed Bassett house before it met it’s untimely demise earlier this month.  i have to say, pretty mediocre at best.  but fear not.  the new Cooper climbing wall will blow your mind.

i have long wisted for the chance to design and build a climbing wall from scratch.  in fact, if you actually follow this blog, and i wouldn’t advise that, you might recall this post i wrote earlier in the year touting my skills to recognize and advise on those most crucial aspects of a good climbing gym.  how apropos that i collect my thoughts on such a matter just months before i go about realizing my dream, eh?  most pertinent to the Cooper wall is the elimination of dead wall space most usually created from poorly designed corners.  now gaze upon these corners in awe:

Cooper corner

dr. jeremy approves.

Cooper corner

wow, insulation too?

Cooper corners

my wall has more facets than your bling.  in fact, this wall is more iced out than your…..er.  well, your mom.

god i wish i could go to RMNP.  i hate you colorado.

-the architect