enemy mine: spurt climbin’ ethic time

12 05 2009


sometimes i wake up and think to myself “where am i?”  and then i’m all like “AHA!!!”  that’s because i know where i am AND i like to let myself know with exclamatronics.  and, yes, i sometimes make up cool words to describe the banal.  ima banalinator.

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dude, where are my ethics?

17 11 2008


i’m coming clean.

while i retain a healthy dose of respect for the non-human (despite my decidely human-centric ontology epistemology), i am an unabashed nature-manipulating animal when engaged in the cleaning of new areas.  my practices typically include 1) clearing the ground of deadliness, 2) comfortizing spikes in areas of high dynamic contact, 3) and putting in mantle-bars to make the off-the-deck experience less frightening.  heh.  mantle-bars.

all three seem problematic in the exact same way (despite the third being fictional): i am imposing my will on nature.  but it strikes me this human/nature question simply masks the real problem most people have with nature manipulation: i (or somebody who is not ‘them’; the Other) am imposing an experience on them.

it seems pretty easy for me to sidestep both.  first, there is no tabula rasa.  the world is not a blank slate waiting for the creative hands of enlightened humanity to mold it into something.  it is always-already a constellation of relations, processes, and events prior to any human mediation.  add to this complex web a few thousand years of human interaction and what you have is a ‘natural’ experience that is nothing more than a palimpsest of impositions.

“uh, wtf does this have to do with ruining boulders?”

easy.  let’s list out the impositions on nature which create the possibility for climbing. Read the rest of this entry »