hate nature locally

27 03 2008

want to make the vast majority of your friends salivate over your bulging back muscles as you regale them with stories of your sordid conquest of v10? don’t want to drive 4 hours to do it? afraid it might rain?

the answer: the Cove. dry, close, and according to jemerson “a powerband with lots of potential for hard problems”. blam.

directions: drive 0.6 miles from the Nada tunnel past a steep, right hairpin turn and look for a pulloff on the right. cross the road and follow the obvious trail up to the first cliff then traverse left along the trail. eventually the trail heads uphill again to the right and ends at The Cove.

for more information grab the guidebook from the bottom of the bookshelf in my living room.

for more awesome video action of jemerson crushing stuff globally goto b3 bouldering.

to sort out how to climb v10 goto Neil Gresham’s training site.