things i hate: bouldery routes

3 06 2009


i am not really a breakdancer.  i am a boulderer. *SURPRISE!*  white, american. hetero, male, boulderer.  i know because it says so on the ‘contact information’ card in my Trapper Keeper ©.  right under the part where my mom wrote: “believe in yourself pookie!”.

thanks mom.  pookie did.  until he started trying to climb ‘bouldery routes‘. Read the rest of this entry »


on quality and difficulty

21 07 2008

one of the easiest ways to tell if you are a climbing dork is if you engage in inane conversations about seemingly insignificant aspects of climbing – incessantly- instead of climbing.  today, ICftG is proud to bring you one such inane conversation.

specifically, this article will deal with the phenomena of people rating difficult climbs as better, or of a higher quality  than the average problem- and i am talking about boulder problems here.  if i wanted to subject myself to the masochistic obsession that is red river gorge sportclimbing, then i would return tissue’s phone calls when he asks me to meet up with him on the weekends.  and since i don’t, i am unfamiliar with any of the grade debate and associated quality controversy that arises out of such climbs like ro shampo. …it’s .11d bitches.  editors note: it’s 12a.

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