silence of the blog

5 05 2009


um….  *chirp chirp*.  i’ve been busy writing and thinking about stuff.  none of it has anything to do with rockclimbing.  i know, right?


but i have been sportclimbing again.  it’s been amazing.  to summarize: climb – climb – clip – rest – climb – rest – clip – climb – clip. but with more climbing, resting, and clipping.  edit: it is actually amazing.  not only does it remind me how awful i am at climbing (and give me almost endless room for improvement), but it makes kentucky like 10000x more awesome.

i was looking for a red river gorgesque photo to steal for this post but all i found was this page:


awesome approach.  don’t call me, i’ll call you.

i’m not trying to crush out this little snippet of the american dream, but from where i’m standing it seems like 1) they want to steal my photos 2) they aren’t very convincing, and 3) based on the right sidebar… competition for being swindled is not all that fierce.  pretty much get a lens on anything other than a kiosk, a bridge, or a trash can and you’re in there.  and by in there i mean you get 1/2 a pizza at miguel’s.


wow.  almost worth buying that 1k dollar digital slr….

command+shift+4 in the house.